Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The siterush.com : Site Flipping Mastery

The Siterush Review

From the creator of “The Four Tier Annihilation Method” and “Affiliate Payload” , Saj P , came a new make money product – Thesiterush – Make Money Selling And Buying Website.Officially opens on Dec 16.

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Website business is one of the lucrative business on the internet.
If you do a search on Google keyword suggestion tool for the word “website business” related , you will find below current searches per month :

a) Website business – 90,500
b) Virtual real estate – 18,100
c) Sell website – 18,100
d) Flipping website – 2,900
e) Flip website – 2,400
f) Site flip – 1,300

From those statistics you will know that many web entrepreneurs or internet marketers are looking for effective ways or methods to jump into the bandwagon of selling websites for profits.
A search on Yahoo for the keyword “website business’ will bring in about 2 billions websites and blogs that are involved in the website business or virtual real estate industry.

Let me give you an example how the internet marketer makes money by selling websites.
First they will buy a domain.Not any domain names but those that contains keyword that people search for.
Then they will put content on it like articles or videos.
The next step will be putting something that can monetize the site like Google Adsense or alternatives and by putting affiliate products on it.
At this point the domain will have zero values.
When the website is ready they will start to drive loads of traffic to it.
When the domain starts to make money then the value for the domain will start to increase.
This is when marketer will sold it and makes a profit out of it.
I have seen websites that were sold for hundreds of thousands or even millions due to their value in terms of their niche,profitability and traffics.

Siterush is a new breakthrough ebook that will explains from A to Z on how to do this.
Below is a few benefits and methods that will be discussed in the ebook :

The siterush.com : Site Flipping Mastery

Contents inside The Site Rush Training Course.

Module 1:
The Quick Flipper Strategies
- The first level of website flipping.Provides the user with all the foundation knowledge needed to start this website business.This will be a great learning curves and will provide steady profits and this will make the user to re-invest the profits into higher level to make more money.
This module will teach how to buy website for a cheap price then flip them fast for cash profits.
User can easily make about $5000 monthly.

- Sniper arbitrage site flipping
Learn how to buy special websites for dirt cheap and then sell it to highend marketplace for triple the price on the same day.

- The Replication Clone Formula
How to find a hot selling websites and legally clone them then sell ot for more money.

Module 2:
- The Hunter Hijack Method
Buy an established site in a hot market that have monthly income, high customer base and high SEO ranking for a low price.
Renovate them using a special advanced methods then sell them for millions.

- Killer Traffic Surge tactics
Techniques on how to send huge amount of traffic to your site using elite techniques that only a guru knows.

- PPC Overkill
Under the radar PPC techniques

- Brand Hijack
Legally steal traffic from huge companies that spent millions on marketing

- Placement Ad secrets
Techniques on how to use Googles huge content ad network and send super targeted traffics to your site.

- Sniper hustle method
To get to No.1 in SERP faster than you think possible.

- Media Buying Millions
Teaches you how to target huge websites in your marketplace and put a spy mechanism to funnel the traffic to your site.

- PLR Secrets
Create your own physical and digital products using elite methods and sell it to make insane amount of cash.

Module 3:
- Site Anatomy Secrets
Find goldmine websites that can turn into continuity programs that will give you continous monthly cash flow.

- Frontend Funnelling Mechanisms
Secret methods on how to turn normal customer into a monthly paying subscribers.

Killer Continuity Cash Sucking Models
How to turn traffic into recurring monthly income.

- Stick Man Retention Strategies
How to make sure your customer stay with their memberships and you can reap the reward of recurring commissions.

Module 4:
- Gunpoint Business Takeover System
Find the top and hottest online business , legally copy their marketing system , improve them then takeover the amrket by buidling better business empires.

- Virtual Millionaire Blueprint
How to create business around buidling sites for others and charge money for it without doing almost no work.